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Leading the way to a brighter future

Renewables offer a win-win proposition, improving the environmental footprint of energy resources, reducing our dependence on energy imports all while making a positive economic impact in local communities. Over the years, our team has learned from experience how to work with landowners and local communities to make meaningful and lasting positive impacts in people's lives through significant investments in renewable energy projects. We are passionate about making the promise of clean energy and economic security a reality from coast to coast.


We specialize in building utility scale projects that connect directly to the electric transmission grid and, thanks to their larger scale, produce cheaper electricity than smaller distributed projects. Our projects are optimally sited while generating the lowest cost of energy possible. Utility-scale renewable energy is no longer just a compelling environmental opportunity; large renewable projects are beginning to achieve price parity with traditional forms of power generation like coal and natural gas, but without the fuel supply vulnerability that can create significant volatility in power markets. This allows us to develop cost-effective projects that support local economies and provide local jobs while providing clean energy and energy independence for generations to come.

Study Highlights Economic Benefits of Utility-Scale Solar PV »

“Data analysis on over 100 utility ­scale solar projects in over 50 counties across North Carolina shows that solar farms increase county taxes derived from the land on which the projects are constructed by up to ­10,000%”

- Analyzing the Impact of Utility­-scale Solar Installations on Local Government Revenue in Counties Across North Carolina, UNC Institute for the Environment, UNC Chapel Hill, Dec 11, 2015. Read more »

A Collaborative Approach

Our team specializes in understanding and being responsive to the particular needs of landowners. Landowners are the foundation upon which successful renewable projects are built, and we pride ourselves in taking a collaborative approach that helps address landowner concerns while bringing high quality, financeable projects to fruition. We take the time to walk landowners through what a renewable energy project can mean for them, their families and neighbors, and their community. We view our landowners as a key part of the Open Road team.

What People Are Saying

Here are just a few quotes from folks with whom we’ve worked in the past:
“I have worked with Cyrus and his team since he first contacted me in 2009 about developing a solar project on farmland that has been in my family since 1955. They have always been polite and professional, always taking time to answer my questions and explain what was going on with the project. Thanks to their vision and professional persistence, our family receives a nice production rent check every year from a Fortune 500 corporation, revenue that has allowed us to farm the rest of the ranch for the first time in years”
- Loretta Franceschi, Shafter, CA
“When I heard that Cyrus’ team was starting Open Road Renewables it was very exciting news. Obviously I was happy for them but also thrilled that there will be other families that get the experience of relationship based solar development. They welcome you to be a member of the team and work with you well beyond the end of construction. They understand that, to families involved in the development process that "little things" are "big things.”
- John Ruby, Bakersfield CA
“As the first of many land owners on the Green Pastures project, I worked closely with David for several years. From the beginning, he treated us like we were his neighbors and partners. We could hardly have asked for more than that.
The project has been a great success.”
- Herman Dentler - Seymour, Texas